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we make videos or movies or films
name and logo made by awesomeboy

Films / Productions -

Top 10 Ways to die in Blockland
It is a blockland verison of an older roblox video i saw when i was a baby

Current Members -
Me [camera man, director]
awesomeboy [editor, publisher]
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we are not sure yet and are currently Recruiting members off site

-start development of the video
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new OP  :cookieMonster:

still workig on our first project but progress is good

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the video is.................... 80 persent DONE!!!!!

GUYS the video is forgetig done... GO GO WATCH IT NOW

you did a great job making the editing and builds look like those old roblox videos. amazing work

i dont think james horner and gregson-williams is a good music choice for this lol