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Horizontally, you would be squished in on yourself. Vertically, you would stomp yourself. If the portals are facing each other with nothing in between them, your body bits are likely going to create a mini-neutron star. Since the pressure built up by your body and the surrounding air would be so tight, the reaction Proton + Neutron ----> Neutron + Neutrino might occur. The pressure constantly expands in/out on itself, creating heat as molecules and atoms rub against/away from each other exponentially heating everything confined within that space. Electron degeneracy occurs. The portals(s) remain stuck together, creating the most dense zone of space within all known reality. Denser than a Neutron Star, denser than a black hole.

Left unchecked, the amount of energy created could start a big bang. That's only if the portal opens though, if you had enough energy to sustain the two portals, i'm sure you could leave them be. It's just that the ever expanding/contracting energy generated by this thing would mean the immediate death of everything and the creation of a new universe in a zeptosecond.

That's how i perceive it, i'm not too sure how these portals work exactly, but i assume anything going in is going to have the relative velocity going out, and that space between the two portals is molecular. your body being crushed in on itself means friction, friction means heat, compress enough protons and electrons, you will get neutrons where the neutrino forms causing a neutron star to birth from whatever is left of you.

...did you draw this with an etch-a-sketch?
no, because etch-a-sketch's can't draw diagonal lines B)