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go to burger king and scream at the cashiers

oh and also it is a game that is playable. found out about an engine that i'm using now instead of just making  a firered rom hack. it's, well, it's pretty damn crusty sometimes and you can see how shoddily it's built but it's much easier to work with and much more versatile, plus the sprites aren't limited as stuff. also pretty much everyone in the fangame community thinks im a retard for not making a rom hack but they're mostly all /pol/ users who think saying the n word in the middle of a random conversation to be edgy is funny so take everything they say with a massive grain of salt

Is it the same engine that was used to make Vinemon? That engine seems to work well enough for a Pokemon fan game

yes, funny you should mention that because i've been talking with thepsynergist alot recently and he was nice enough to give me a recent, working version of the battle engine vinemon uses (elite battle system, it's a bitch to find nowadays)

making fangames is an adventure because unless you want to make a little romhack by yourself and only yourself you're bound to meet pretty much every talented fangame creator on earth. i've never really known how easy it is to meet someone famous, so this has been a huge wakeup call to how small this planet really is; never thought i'd be in the same server as the creator of pokemon uranium among other things, let alone hold a friendly conversation with these people

anyway the dex is done. all the mons are in. not all the sprites are done but hey, i got all the concepts down
das progress

probably not gonna be used in the game at all but apparently it can handle double battles too, nice