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Strangereal Nation RP

partly ripped off inspired by nonnel's nation rp


What is this?
This is a discord nation RP server that takes place in the world of Strangereal, the world of Ace Combat. Why Strangereal? Strangereal is a very interesting fictional world that mirrors our own; with intriguing politics, terrible wars, and large-scale superweapons. With this Nation RP, you get to take control of one of the many nations in Strangereal, from Osea to Yuktobania, and many other nations in the world map.

What do I do?
When you pick a country, you take control of the country completely, and roleplay the nation's government, military, and economy. You can perform any sort of federal actions, from trade, war, alliances, and so forth in the world of Strangereal.

Do I have to follow the Ace Combat Narritive?
No, in fact you are free to do as you so please so long as it makes sense in the world of Ace Combat. There's a lot of fun to be had to explore "what if" scenarios. Like, what if Yuktobania and Osea declared war on each other? How would the rest of the world react to the news? In this game, the limits are open to an extent.

We've still got a lot of open slots if anyone's interested in joining.