Author Topic: COD Mobile seems to be rigging their Lootbox Event  (Read 1292 times)

COD Mobile has started a Lucky Draw event where you have a chance of getting 10 different items from the pool, with 2 being epic.
The first spin on the Lucky Draw costs 40 COD Points (Premium Currency), but what they don't tell is that as you spend it will go up in price (Check edit). Also worth noting that the price seems to be different for every player/region since it costs 30 COD Points for me so they are using some sort of dynamic pricing.
It goes from 40 to 80 to 200 and then 400 and then 800 then 960 then 1600 then 3000 then 6500 and the last spin being 10000 COD Points ($100) in total being 23580 COD Points
In this video, the dude has watched 5 Youtubers who actually spent all that money on the lucky draw and put in it in a order to show on what they have won, with 3 winning the skeleton skin (2 had stopped before then) and then the AK47

As you see on the screenshot, the item that you win will be removed from the pool so there are no dupes here, if the chance of getting the epic skins is so high then why did nobody get the character/AK before the 9th and 10th spin?
Probably because the odds are faked.
Stealthbubble is known for leaking a bunch of upcoming stuff from CODM and apparently he has learned that the odds are fake.
If this is true then Activision is gonna get forgeted in the ass for lying about the odds, Google and Apple requires every app to disclose their odds, it can also be illegal in some countries like China.

Oh and by the way, "IT'S JUST COSMETICS!" well guess what, the gun skins has P2W perks, the AK47 skin has the perk to shoot at longer range with it's range boost and there's a premium MG on lootboxes that doesn't show where the teammate died if killed with, now imagine if your teammate got killed by one using it in SND and you can't know where they could be attacking from because of the perk.
Now this one doesn't really matter but did you know that there's a Captain Price skin on a lootbox and the chance to get it is 1.0%?

Watch TheQuartering's video about this if you'd like
inb4 activision tries damage control by giving everyone who went for it with weapon xp cards as compensation


they quietly changed the wording and now informs that the price increases per spin. the 42% chance though is still there.

They removed the odds screen from the game and replaced it with help screen, seems like they are silently doing damage control as they aren't even answering the questions in Reddit and Twitter.


They "fixed" their stuff and you can now see how absurds the odds for the lootcrates are: 0.08% for the AK47 skin, 1.71% for skeleton skin.
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yeah uh rip activision

imagine if their cop out is "pseudorandom generator broke" or something along those lines.

i would be surprised if they didnt try their hardest to forget over consumers

Yeah idk, irdc bc anyone playing COD Mobile should know this is a set up

imagine paying money for cosmetics in the first place

imagine paying money for cosmetics in the first place
seems like a lot of people do it
according to google, "The beauty industry is valued at $532 billion and is on a rapid upward trajectory"
that's a fair bit of cash

This is why the European gambling rules are a good thing for gaming's loot boxes.
They would actually have to be really clear about the chances to win.

Mobile gaming is such a loving drag

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Huh? Is that supposed to be a play on ‘drag’ orrrr?...