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Had to make a new post as its saying the other one is "too old"

That's right, more songs from the Mother series, each handpicked from the three games. Songs included are...


All that I needed was you

Bein' Friends

Flippant Foe


The Paradise Line

Twinkle Elementary

Wisdom of the world


Enjoy your stay



Giygas Stirs

Home Sweet Home


Pokey Means Business!

Threed, Free at Last


Winters White

Mother 3

Alec's Log House

As You Wish

Mom's Hometown

To Sunshine Forest

Download pack 2 here!

Download Here!

And if you want to download the first music pack then click the link below

Pack 1 Download

And as always your free to suggest music for me to put in the next pack!


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very sick noise, good work brother