Author Topic: Should I come back to Blockland?  (Read 5275 times)

Blockland is a game that was great in its hayday but never really quite caught on and never really evolved. To call it a pioneer of the genre is ridiculous.

Come on, name a building-block game from the early 2000s besides Roblox. (Which coincidentally, was in development around the same time, was released publicly around the same time, and was significantly buggier with less features and no mod support.)

And also, Brickadia is a love letter to Blockland. So already, it's a part part of Blockland's influence on the sandbox building game genre.

Blockland is incredibly toxic. Have you seen the drama this forums produces? No building game even compares.


Join a decently sized server and just talk to people, especially one that features pay-to-win or very competitive gameplay.