Author Topic: Plok Soundtrack Pack (+K.K. Lullaby fix)  (Read 1524 times)

No one's done this before so I decided to make a music pack for Plok on the SNES in Blockland.

If you don't know what Plok is, it's a platformer on the SNES with really bloody good music, and is essentially Rayman's ancestor. I recommend the game to everyone. It's a true hidden gem on the console, and you can get a copy on eBay for as low as 5. Seriously, give the game a try.

The quality of some songs are a bit poor since the loops go on for a while, however even with the slightly poor quality it still sounds great.

If the link is broken or you're running into any problems trying to download or play them, please leave a reply and I'll try to fix it. Thanks.


K.K. Slider Music Pack fix

One of the tracks in my Animal Crossing music pack, K.K. Lullaby, doesn't play since the file size was too big and I didn't check it ingame. Here is the download link to the fixed version. I'd put it in the original thread but it's too old and I can't post on it anymore.