Author Topic: share good video game ost while discord is down  (Read 462 times)

right now i'd consider myself a man of refined taste in OST. correct me if i'm wrong.

hotline miami:

hotline miami 2: - note that decade dance is absolutely stuff on the artist's page. the ingame version is much better.

shoutout to mine music #4


risk of rain:

FTL Faster Than Light - heads up that i love this game and it's ost:

Rivals of Aether: also check out tower of heaven

crypt of the necrodancer: (please note that i used to gift this game out for free to complete randos i met on the forums just to spread the word about it. shoutout to inh, geben i think and tablesalt)
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here. just listen to his whole album. picking specifics is difficult when all of them are at least low-key perfect.

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these are all good or mediocre lol

great video game ost brings emotions to the player at least that what I think

the smash bros version of the psycho soldier theme