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(Formerly) Started by scoob (BL_ID 48712), Kreftos (BL_ID 197906) and, Mr.Annoying, (BL_ID 35171) Blockbusters Production is not only a clan for amateur Machinima making/audio/editing hobbyists to collaborate on video projects in retail (and preceding versions of) Blockland, but also a power house for creative minds to share graphics, resources, builds and add-ons to aid fellow filmmakers.

Try contacting us on the forums, Blockland Glass, and or Discord! We're currently in production of a film right now and we'll gladly accept participants.

Links and references:

Q.How to join?
A.Applying "Blok+Bust" as your clan tags in game is mandatory. We also recommend joining our group discord server and applying for roles.
Q.What do I need to join?
A.We recommend you have at the very least: A free video recording software, Movie Maker/iMovie, Audacity, and notepad.

[Disclaimer] Our server has rules. You'll need to follow them if you wish to become a member. Also, our server is not "meme-friendly". Our members need to be able to stay concentrated on their projects, so don't distract them.
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Something's wrong with the logo image. Would anyone know how to fix it?

I linked the image from discord, like I usually do.

no videos ......  :panda:

(Sorry for late reply) But this is honestly probably going to be abandoned. No one was really willing to help me with the project. If you want, I can give you the script I had in the works so you guys can make a film.