How many systems?

Just 1
9 (25%)
2 to 3
14 (38.9%)
4 to 5
3 (8.3%)
More than 5
6 (16.7%)
I lost count...
4 (11.1%)

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Author Topic: How Many Computers do You Have, and What are They Running?  (Read 2313 times)

Saw this question elsewhere, and thought it'd bring it up here.

I have too many systems to properly keep track of by now (at least 10 currently running).
Mostly of my systems are servers running Fedora Linux, but I have one server running Debian and the firewall to my network is running pfsense (though I'm considering other options as I'm frustrated with the underlying FreeBSD system, especially its unscalable network stack).
I also have many systems that currently have no OS as they're not in use, or are in need of repair, including an IBM PS/2 type 8580 that is currently non-operational due to a damaged floppy drive.

forget i should've put 2, i have a personal dell gaming laptop (windows 10) and a dell thinkpad school issued laptop (windows 7)

welcome to the flex thread. people are here to flex their simple linux setups ( WHICH ARE ELITE BECAUSE ONLY ELITE PEOPLE USE ARCH LINUX, MANJARO AND REDHAT DISTROS BY THE WAY )

2 desktops - both running windows 7 enterprise 64 bit

The one is a Dell slimline tower, Intel core 2 duo with some extra ram(8GB total) and a 1 TB internal hard drive 7200 RPM, unfortunately it's still running embedded graphics for now; but it's been able to handle low end games and even some gamecube/ps2 emulated games when the video settings are properly adjusted. It also has an additional media bay for SD cards that I rigged up to it from an old HP system. The other (my gaming rig) is a custom build, an AMD fx-8320 eight core alongside a GTX 770, 4 GB GDDR5. 16 GB of system ram, using 2 500 GB internal hard drives both 7200 RPM. I use my main drive for my operating system and store files on the reserve drive. I have an additional 1 TB external hard drive which uses USB 3.0 that I frequently swap between the two systems for various tasks.

I have a spare tower that I do not use, it's an Intel ViiV motherboard - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU with 6 GB of DDR2 ram. Before my current rig(still outdated but much better) this was my battlestation for over 10 years. It was originally a system built for Vista but I eventually upgraded to 7. I can say this PC was and still is a very reliable system - at one point on the struggle I had to resort to using 40% zinc diaper rash cream in substitute for thermal paste. This went on for nearly a year, cleaning and reapplying it every few months before I was able to finally get ahold of some arctic silver. As if it couldn't get anymore rigged - the GPU I was using was an ATI Raedon 2400 Pro which is a PCI card meant for slimline cases. I used some needle nose and made it fit. Since this card has a strange DVI port I also had to have an adapter to be able to use my standard DVI cable. The 2400 finally took a poo last year, so I installed a GTX 570 in it's place, now I just need to upgrade the power supply and ram to get it back in the 'game'

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3 desktops, 2 laptops

1 desktop being my gaming pc
1 desktop being the livingroom HTPC for youtube or movies
1 desktop being my dad's pc
1 laptop being my school laptop
1 laptop being my dad's laptop he uses when he works outta state

desktop for gamering and laptop for trips and other stuff

two desktops and a laptop though my brother takes a desktop when hes home from college

2-4 desktops, 1 laptop
most of the others ive lost count of are out of service

a lot, majority of which are rather old machines but w/e

main custom pc (intel core i5 6600k, 16gb ram, gtx 1060 6gb, windows 10 pro)
secondary custom pc (amd fx 8350, 16gb ram, gtx 970, windows 10 pro)
gateway 825gm (intel pentium 4, 1gb ram, windows xp, currently unused)
gateway gt4016 (amd athlon 64, 1gb ram, windows xp, currently unused)
hp pavilion 6835 (celeron similar to pentium 3 running at 800mhz, 512mb ram, windows me)

dell poweredge r610 (dual xeon e5530, 24gb ram, windows server 2019 datacenter)

asus x551c (3rd gen core i3, 4gb ram, hd 4000, windows 10 pro and im prob gonna put fedora or some other linux distro on it eventually)
thinkpad t61 (core 2 duo t9300, 4gb ram, gma x3100, windows 10 pro, prob gonna sell this one)
hp pavilion dv5000 (core duo t2500, 1gb ram, windows xp)
compaq presario v6000 (core duo t2450, 2gb ram, windows 7)
macbook air mid-2011 13 inch (2nd gen i5, 4gb ram, patched to run macos catalina)
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the main question is what are my computers running from

your ti84 or the schools ti84 lol
pc running windows and a laptop thats been abused with linux installations, currently running ubuntu server

I have too many systems to properly keep track of by now (at least 10 currently running).
they should join the track team