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I did extensive research on the dimensions and scale for it so I could have a pretty accurate model.

The scale chosen was quite arbitrary actually, but turned out to be the best for detail/size. It's so large in fact that it just barely clips out of render distance.

Scale: 0.3625 of the original size
Height: 2,106
Diameter: 192 (excluding the massive fins that will be added later)
Brick count: 254,973

For being my first intensive build in over a year, it's actually not terrible. I'm very happy with it and was extremely excited with the fact that I didn't get bored with it or quit out early on. I had a lot of fun with it so far! I'm taking a break before I start doing all the cones (curve-y panels and bits) because they seem challenging.

I plan to rebuild each stage/module for it's own separate display. This was the original intention but I got carried away with just building the whole Saturn V assembly. The future plan is to have the full rocket and smaller displays be exploreable (with optional teleports because of the immense size)

holy stuff

Made some progress today!

I hit the brick limit so I need to increase it next time I start the server...
A lot of that is due to my terribly unoptimized building. I'll get around to decreasing it when I finish. Maybe.

Almost done though!


this is kind of epic, it's cool to see full scale builds in blockland. it shows how HUGE this thing was! i felt like i knew a lot about rockets, but this build kind of blows me away... this thing is huge

edit: hold on.. this is ~0.3 the original size? holy stuff.. my mind continues to be blown


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