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BLOCKS Of Time (looking for coders)

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Hey all,

Two and a half years ago I began with making a game similar to Age Of Time. The idea of making a Blockland-themed Age Of Time had been floating in my head since 2011. But when the interiors and terrains were removed, I decided to abandon that map. But now since 2017, I decided it was time to make an Age Of Time inspired game with Blockheads, but more fun. There's still a lot to do, but it looks already nice! Don't know what Age Of Time is? Check out this thread, yes the AoT v3 server is still alive.

Want to contribute to the project as a coder, modeler of beta-tester? You're welcome!

- Simple jail system
- Log Challenge
- Horse

- Login/Register system
- Inventory system
- Quests
- Local talk
- Grappling Hook (requires engine coding)
- Coins system
- Destroy crates for coins
- Bank system

*dog wimpers in corner*

The map itself looks great, cool to see you working on this after so many years

this is the true blockland 2, will there be the golden brick?

glorious textures
reminds me of GSF ghost's maps


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