Author Topic: New Years 2020! [SAVE RELEASED] [THANK YOU FOR COMING! <3]  (Read 4862 times)

hapy new year thx 4 cum

The New Year's 2020 save has officially been released!
The .zip file contains all the required add-ons, music, colorset, and pref/quota files.  It also contains some optional add-ons and files like the environment settings.

Please read the README on how to install it!

Thank you all so much again for coming and making this such a blast!  We hope we can do it again in brickadia you guys enjoyed it and maybe we can even do it again next year :o in brickadia

You spent your New Year on Blockland? WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

Wait, were my link to the past textures used? Or were they just thrown in randomly when packaging all the add-ons?

how many players did you get this year vs last year?

how many players did you get this year vs last year?
the 100% sure number for "max players on server at one time" is 122 - i remember seeing this directly ingame. some say we hit 126.

as for max number of unique players not sure, will check the logs

glad you guys are still doing this sort of thing!