how was ur wisdom teeth extraction

ok. could be better
did not like it
ptsd. help

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im getting mine pretty soon and im scared because im a wuss. how what your guys experiences is there anything I should do

they put me to sleep, and i woke up without the anesthetic high and also without my wisdom teeth. also no pain. was cool

is there like any cost difference for laughing gas vs anesthetics. i have insurance and id much rather go the sleep route

got all 4 of mine removed before 9th grade. i did anesthesia for mine and woke up feeling sedated but i wasnt "high" like you are with laughing gas or whatever.

one thing I do remember is even though i was pretty knocked out for the most part I was like weirdly "conscious" but it was only me feeling the pressure of them removing my teeth. no pain or discomfort, just a weird experience. not sure if this actually happened or an anesthetic pseudo memory tho.

didnt feel pain until after the procedure but that's kinda obv. enjoy your smoothie bowls and soups with no straws.

my wisdom teeth grew in normally. eat that, nerds.