Author Topic: Looking for two old add-ons (Adv. Vehicle System and AirInstrumentHUD)  (Read 204 times)

Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum; I haven't logged in here for 5-6 years, lol.

I checked Kenko's archive and Glass' RTB archive for both of these, and wasn't able to find them. I've been wanting to rebuild my airport RP from 2013-14 and would really like to have both of these, since they made life a lot better for both me and the other players.

Here are the original threads:
Advanced Vehicle System

On a tangential note: anyone here remember that airport RP server I ran? I went by Brisk and U2 back then (my username in-game is 1200bps atm, as it is everywhere else). Also, anyone else remember the clan BNFB, Sailor Man and Kreon, etc.? Looking through all these old forum threads has been a big nostalgia trip, but also kinda depressing, I used to have a lot of pals from that clan + regulars on my server that I've just completely lost touch with (mostly since RTB went down).

Oh, and this is the build I stole from for my own airport build, lmao.
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