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So, I basically decided to revive this project after I felt motivated enough to do it again.

The Discord is still up. PM me if you want an invite link.

Shisor - Building, Modelling (mainly hats).
Kritical Gaming - Building (questionable if he's still with us).
TheGibberishGuy - Building.
Davow - Building.
Nozero - Being apart of our staff.

This game now has a wiki! It is still under construction, but some help would be appreciated!
Link to the wiki:

Do you like the new Tank buff?
(Original Tank HP: 1000. Damage: 10).
(New Tank HP: 2500. Damage: 50, 25 [VER] and [MVT] modes only).

this is really fun, it just needs a better server.

when i played, i had 300 ping the entire time