Author Topic: Sonic the hedgehog day  (Read 390 times)

as you may know, today is the day the sonic the hedgehog movie is released.

this is the most significant thing about february 14. there's nothing at all special about it aside from this important thing

also i think its neat

Any one see the movie yet

im going to see it this weekend, ill report back with a review

can't see it today, but i will sometime in the next few days

sorry i promised my 3 girlfriends i would have lots of loveual intercourse with them today. no time to watch the sonic hedgehog movie

im gonna see it in a couple days
fun will be had

gonna take a lady friend to watch this drunk, peppermint extract so our breaths won't give it away

So i watched this, my overall rating is like a 7.5/10

I wouldn't see it twice, but it was a fairly enjoyable movie. My favorite part is how many references/callbacks there were to the original Sonic franchise (eg: the town being called green hills, the green hill zone song, robotnik being called eggman and slowly looking more and more like the video game character, etc.)

hi, i watched the movie
i honestly enjoyed it, it was p cheesy (especially the plot) but that sort of added to it for me
also the fan service is 10/10