Author Topic: animal crossing: new horizons (summer patch #2 july 30)  (Read 9400 times)

stardew valley > animal crossing

this is like the baby-game version of comparing CoD to battlefield

stardew valley > animal crossing
both are excellent games. in fact I think new horizons took some cues from stardew with being able to place furniture outside. except in new horizons you can place furniture almost anywhere, but in stardew you can only place it on your lot (last time I played at least, that might have changed)

TIL that you can press the + button right after selecting the camera app to essentially hide the camera UI while still being able to control the camera app like you normally would

the holy raymond trinity

brothers simping for a fictional twink cat

god damn furcigarettes have the entitlement of a 4 year old

do we really need a slave trade in acnh

just got this game last week does anyone even still play it

also dip gang rise up

yeah i play it!! i gave my switch to my mom for a coupl months but im picking it up thursday so ill add u then if u leave a switch ID


okay so i wondering why in so many screenshots people had hedges in their towns and i was thinking 'wow that would be really useful to have for my town'

no apparently they're part of the nature day event which was only like a TWO WEEK PERIOD. why the forget would such a neutral and NECESSARY decoration piece be locked behind literally a loving fraction of the entire year? i get that animal crossing is supposed to be a very slow game but thats just obsurd. i shouldn't have to wait a whole ass year just so i can put hedges in my town

okay apparently if you buy enough stuff from leif he just gives you the recipe nvm. i guess i just have to wait til he comes then

summer update #1 announced, they're re-adding diving from new leaf

forget I was about to post that

the obsession over smug pixels on a screen is absolutely absurd