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Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates has a very long name. It's also awesome, go buy it.

This is not a Turn Base RPG, it's purely an Action rpg, even I'd go as far as saying an Action game with a level up system. You run/jump around a 3D dungeon landscape, dodging or attacking anything you come across, to ultimately complete the dungeon puzzles and beat the boss at the end.

Some cool features:

- You can jump in this game
- Equipped armor, helmets and weapons change your appearance
- This game has a physics engine
- The camera angle rarely sucks
- Very long game
- It has a storyline mode
- It has a multi-player mode (you can play single player in multi-player if none of your friends are online)
- You can JUMP in this game, I mean holy stuff! That was like a lost art in the Gamecube game, holy stuff...

Some vids

Some gameplay aspects (my god that guys sucks)

First dungeon Boss (not actual game music)

Also, you do not remain a loving potato midget in storyline mode, so don't worry.

Jesus christ this is the second time someone reposted a thread I already made.
On-topic, it is a good game.