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dkc - aquatic ambience
tex murphy
unreal tournament 1999 - fire breath
kirby's dream land 3

marble it up soundtrack always comes to mind

I've tried to mostly list songs that aren't super well known in video game music, but a few of them are pretty well known
of course i like the music for things like super mario bros 3, super mario world etc but everyones heard those

Donkey Kong Country - Reptile Rumble EXCEPT ITS THE GAMEBOY COLOR VERSION
little known fact is because the gbc wasn't capable of the same sounds as the SNES or GBA so the GBC port has its entire own soundtrack and its really good chiptune worth checking out the whole OST for gbc if you like that kind of stuff because its def some of the best music on gameboy (original)

heres another port of an existing music to the gameboy color
Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Windmill Man (The Song of Storms)

probably my favorite zelda overworld theme
Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB/GBC) - Overworld theme

Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword is a clunky ass game with some very impressive music for the gameboy
Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword - Opening (GBC)
Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword - Lvl 2 (GBC)
im pretty sure the other tomb raider for gbc had some good music but its literally not even on youtube and i dont feel like getting my gameboy out right now

pretty sure the shadowgate soundtrack is the same for all its releases from the Apple IIGS and then improved,colored,ported etc to atleast 14 platforms
but i know it from GBC
Shadowgate - Main Theme
Shadowgate - Cavern

Alright moving on from gameboy color to GAMEBOY ADVANCE!!!

Castlevania Circle of the Moon has an AMAZING soundtrack here are some highlights
Castlevania Circle of the Moon - Requim <<Very impressive song for gba
Castlevania Circle of the Moon - Vampire Killer
Castlevania Circle of the Moon - Awake
Castlevania Circle of the Moon - Clockwork

The metroid fusion soundtrack has some really good eerie ambient tracks but heres one that has music
Metroid Fusion - Facing a huge reaction

Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap is another amazing soundtrack, here are some highlights that stand out
Zelda Minish Cap - Royal Valley
Zelda Minish Cap - Game Over

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA) another amazing soundtrack!! but if you're going to listen to one song make it teehee valley, such a lovely arrangement
Superstar Saga - Teehee Valley

Warioland 4 is one of the first games in the GBA's lifespan but its a pushes a lot of technical limits and has an interesting soundtrack including music with lyrics which is not usually seen on gba
Warrio land 4 - Palm Paradise <<Very impressive song for gba

now for games i played on the NINTENDO DS

I played the port for chrono trigger on ds, its probably one of the only rpgs i like
Chrono Trigger - Yearnings of the Wind <<
Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme

Bowsers inside story is a wonderful rpg also, in my opinion after bowsers inside story all of alpha dream's games were uninspired and lazy
Bowsers Inside Story - The Wind is Blowing at Cavi Cape <<oh forget ya
Bowsers Inside Story - The Grand Finale <<OH YA

PC GAMES with lovey soundtracks

celeste very good ost!!!!
Celeste - Resurrections
Celeste - Scattered and Lost

the entire cave story OST!!!!!!!!! heres some highlights
Cave Story - Jenka's House
Cave Story - Moonsong
Cave Story - Main Theme (of course)

the entire cuphead OST!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuphead - Floral Fury <<oh ya baby
Cuphead - Carnival Kerfuffle
Cuphead - All Bets Are Off

Dark Souls 3 ALL OF IT

Dino Run - Apocolypse

Doom - Rip and Tear (but with the choir in it)

Downwell - Uroboros

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - Auriels Ascension/Atmosphere 06 <<oh ya baby

GTA IV - The Ballad of Gay Tony

A stuff ton of music from hollow knight i dont even know where to start so heres just the whole ost
Hollow Knight - ALL THE stuff

not sure if its fair since i knew a bunch of these songs before hotline miami came out but heres the ones i love
Most of these songs i actually know outside of hotline miami so now im just shilling some of my fave music, infact as im making this list im amazed because a bunch of songs i didnt know were in hotline miami but i knew from outside of it are in there
M|O|O|N - Dust
M|O|O|N - Crystals
Sun Araw - Deep Cover
El Huervo - Daisuke
El Huervo - Rust
Light Club - Blizzard
Castanets - You Are The Blood
Riddarna - Simma Hem
thats just a few, the whole ost is lovely

The Entire N++ Soundtrack but for this one unlike hollow knight i am prepared to show off my tops:
Avatism - Ghost Coil
Lorn - Italics

The Whole Nidhogg 1 soundtrack

Some of the Plants Vs Zombies OST, except i havent played it in so long that i cant remember

Reciever - A Slow Mindkill

Risk of Rain - Coalescence (Chris Christodoulou)
Risk of Rain - Chanson d'Automne..  (Chris Christodoulou)

Samorost 3 OST
Machinarium OST

Secret of monkey island - Main Theme

Probably a bunch of skullgirls songs but i dont know them bc i was always so busy fighting

i love most of the music from SF3 except chun li's stage bc forget playing against her
SF3:III - Player Select - Lets Get it On
SF3:III - Makoto's Stage - Spunky
SF3:III - Akuma's Stage - Killing Moon
SF3:III - Dudley's Stage - You Blow My Mind
SF3:III - Q's Theme (almost never heard in game due to reasons)
SF3:III - Gill Theme
SF3:III - Credits Remix

NOT AN OFFICIAL SF SONG but this one deserves recognition

Fanmade Gil theme for SF4]]Fanmade Gil theme for SF4  really synth jungly

The entire super hexagon OST (not very long)

Terraria has lots of nice music heres my faves:
Terraria - Underground
Terraria - Underground Corruption

Transistor is a game i didn't play much of because i didnt enjoy it but the story seemed neat and the music even neater
Transistor - Interlace (Darren Korb)
Transistor - _n C_rcl_s (feat. Ashley Barrett) (Darren Korb)
Transistor - We All Become (feat. Ashley Barrett) (Darren Korb)

World of goo has an absolutely stellar ost
World of Goo - Regurgitation Pumping Station
World of Goo - Jelly
World of Goo - Burning Man <<so good
World of Goo - Ode to Bridge Builder


Prince of persia - Welcome to persia
speaking of the prince of persia for gba also has a neato sound track

The entire loving ratchet and clank OST is amazing

anyways thats all i can remember off the top of my head for now

hi another thread like this?? cool
hyper light drifter
the end is nigh
mario & luigi dream team
bejeweled twist
vib-ribbon (dubious)
child of eden
big bang mini
dungeons of dredmor
kirby mass attack (i know)
the floor is jelly
the munchables
super meat boy
dicey dungeons
sonic mania
also this
and some other stuff i forgot

psycho soldier theme, first game to have vocal music

the smash bros version

decal - brickster, lego island

links awakening remake credits theme

mario rabbids d64 island theme

yoshis story song that i remade on bl instruments

bit trip runner blackout city

ducktales remastered moon theme

evolution skateboarding - mgs theme

gran tourismo - moon over the castle

goldeneye - archives

hyrule warriors linkle theme

big blue mario kart 8


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