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Howdy folks, been a while. I'm modernizing a bit of code in a mod and I'm stumped on saveBricks(); and where it went after RTB. Is there a modern equivalent or is my best bet re-utilizing old code to bring the function back from the dead?

--- Code: --- if(!$Server::Dedicated) {
} else {
saveBricks("Autosave", 1, 1);
--- End code ---

Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

what exactly are you trying to achieve? if you want a modern autosaver, you can get visolator's off of a blockland addon archive ( is best) or maybe blockland glass

also if you want quicker/more consistent modding help, join BCC Content Creators, a discord where a lot of the active addon makers help each other and hang out. Used to be named Blockland Content Creators but got namechanged to BCC Content Creators since its not a discord exclusive to blockland really.

Thanks Conan. I may stop by the disc after my kid's soccer game later. I keep getting a line saying invalid function on savebricks(); in our dedicated. We were trying to fix something last night which we accomplished, but when we relaunched we came to realize nobody's properties saved ownership with the built-in autosave, no matter what we tried.

I've been going through just about every file in the backup of RTB v4.05 and I can't find anything as to where this function is. The download is located here fwiw:

Like I said, I'll probably stop by later because we're all kinda scratching our heads here. Thanks!

i dont think there's actually a save bricks function server sided. on dedicated you have to use a mod that manually writes a save file

The Brighter Dark:
Where ever that code came from might of been running some other mod along with it that had a savebricks(); func. If y'all are trying to run an autosaver for a gamemode or something you can use or reference this.


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