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yoooo adult swim just greenlit my awesome tv show

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yo you guys are not gonna forgetin believe this im getting on television im so excited
here's the trailer:

i would congratulate the other people getting their own tv shows recently but truth is my show is gonna blow theirs straight off the loving network O_O

tony wheres that show you always bragged about

Boomsticks Alt:
this show sucks

The Young Avenger:

--- Quote from: exit on February 27, 2020, 05:11:37 AM ---tony wheres that show you always bragged about

--- End quote ---

sorry bros just got word that some guy with unkempt hair threw a molotov into the adult swim hq and half the staff either burned to death or suffocated so show's put on hold... but i pulled some strings and dug up this other trailer we were saving for advertising. enjoy!


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