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“The Unraveling of Forbidden Knowledge”

{A} What are the Dimensions?
The dimensions are hostile, unnaturally created environments within deep space, which is unexplained by science. The only known reasoning behind their creation is that an entity—capable of manipulating energy at will—created the dimensions. That entity is called “The Black Box.” The entity is “box-shaped” and is 3 meters in length and height. The dimensional structure consists of "Fabric of Reality." It's a type of fabric that can take the appearance of anything, (such as wood, diamond) but the physical properties remain the same. It’s also important to note 2 other types of fabric exist.
What’s inside a dimension? Recent observations reveal structures, ranging from man-made to extraterrestrial. Other observations unravel irregular constructs in the dimensions, such as floating islands, floating objects, misaligned crystals and much more. Another hypothesis (Wrenn’s hypothesis) was formulated to explain this sort of “creation” within the dimensions, which explains the dimensions’ construction may be dependent on mental thoughts from living organisms. [More information on dimensional creation, and how it can alter its appearance and influence the inner environment can be found on Discord].

It’s incredibly important to note that not all dimensions are capable of supporting life and that some are filled with dark and strange matter. The dimensions also harbour incredible amounts of energy, such amounts are comparable to the tons of joules made from nuclear fusion. The energy plays a vital part in maintaining a dimension’s stability and existence. [More information regarding this section can be found on Discord]

Regarding the server, the dimensions consist of some horror, roleplay, and interactive elements, including hostile lifeforms, an abundance of puzzles, PTSD-inducing combat, and cooperative roleplay and interaction amongst players. The server is roleplay-orientated and tends to encourage a serious roleplaying environment.

[Quick summary: Dimensions are unnaturally created environments—made by the Black Box—within deep space that harbour incredible amounts of energy. They are considered “alien-worlds” in another sense as they contain dark and strange matter. There are also 100 dimensions players will experience as they descend].

{B} What is the Objective?
As William Ramsay—discoverer of the noble gases—once said, “Nothing can be more certain than this: that we are just beginning to learn something of the wonders of the world on which we live and move and have our being.” This, however, was the reverse case for a panel of scientists called the “Dimensional Travelers” (DT). They were motivated to decipher the meaning of “worlds” much different than ours. The organization was created by the Milky Way Defense Union (MWDU) in hopes of understanding unexplained interstellar phenomena and occurrences.

The dimensions were discovered when the DT encountered a strange-looking door (refer to section Pictures). This door was the ultimate pathway to the dimensions, and it’s still yet unknown to why it exists and why it’s at this specific location (Greenland, 73’.20”, -49’.60”).

From there on, the DT’s main goals were the following: brown townyze the fabric of the dimensions, collect samples of organisms, brown townyze wavelengths and frequencies, and just overall, develop research that can be applied in society.

However, little did they know that the dimensions are the definition of hell and death. Various traps, hostile alien encounters, intense radiation, unstable energy and uncontrolled quantum fluctuations led to the demise of many scientists. The dimensions themselves even have rules and are patrolled by “Monoliths” (black mirrors with red eyes) that disintegrate cheaters and trespassers or even teleport them to an unforgiving place… Limbo.

It was even noted that the deeper someone descends into the dimensions, the energy levels increase, complexity of structures increase, hostility and overall difficulty increases.

[Quick summary: The objective is to enlist as a Dimensional Traveler (DT – an organization of scientists) and do research in the dimensions to understand its meaning and origin, and overall contribute to scientific breakthroughs in technology. However, the dimensions are hostile—filled with traps, radiation, alien encounters, monoliths—which made research difficult and only for the strong-minded].

Regarding the server, players have limited lives and are to collect research and samples. They are to survive and not be overwhelmed by dimensional encounters. Their true objective is to reach depth 100 of the dimensions. (Players begin at depth 1). Players will also be subjected to serious roleplay as well during various parts of gameplay.

{C} Gallery

There is much more, but too much pictures will spoil the excitement.

{D} Plot
(Chapter 0 - Dimensional Depth 0 – In Reality)
“Cascading into Chasm”

The MWDU has ordered the construction of a maximum-security laboratory, with containment that will encompass the anomaly discovered in Greenland, which is the “dimensional door.” Construction of the lab has gone successful, and a team of DT with promising skills and fore-hand training has been assembled. The DT spends the last few hours of their free time catching up with social media and participating in scientific discussions. But now, it is time for them to descend into the dimensions. They enter the containment and immediately witness the immobile, dimensional door, fluctuating with energy and sparking lively… The once courageous DT scientists are now filling up with regret, anxiety, and most dauntlessly, fear… [More will be written as the plot continues]

{E} Server Access and Discord
The dimensions (formally known as Black Box Dimensions) is a serious-roleplay game with an extensively evented and scripted map that follows a storyline. There is a fair share of non-RP elements, such as puzzles, and combat, which is balanced mainly by the roleplay aspects that will soon follow afterwards.

Further information about the dimensions and story can be found on our Discord.

Again, this server highly encourages and promotes a serious-roleplay and cooperative environment amongst players. The server is passworded and only people that are in the Discord or have PM’d me are able to join. The server gets hosted roughly or almost every weekend.

All are welcome! If you like to be involved, please send me a PM, and I will be more than happy to invite you to the Discord to have access to the server.

Again, all are welcome!
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