Author Topic: Black Desert Online is NO LONGEr free on Steam  (Read 561 times)

The world of Black Desert Online is pretty amazing, there's nothing better than exploring, sailing and riding around the world, not to mention the amazing graphics and character creator that the game has.
and also the amazing features brought to you from Korea that is heavy grinding and heavy RNG based gear enhancement

the giveaway's over, so if you missed it don't feel bad, there's always some sort of events where grinding all the way to level 50 in free trial will get you a free pass for the game, or if you're lucky enough you might meet someone generous enough to give you a pass.

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How much of an egregious grindfest is this game? I had a little bit of fun when I played it on the Korean servers like 5 years ago, but I heard the US version had a hemorrhaged experience gain.