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dear crook can you please add ze schtick to rallypack weapons? thank you.
here is a pic :

Doinkslonkington boom is in the works

Well that was loving demoralizing lol.

I will be uploading the pack again soon. The downloads were temporarily removed because people kept bugging me about how my weapon pack ruined their life and forgeted their wife because they tried to edit it and then run it on a server with 500 add-ons, and it's my fault because my add-on is broken. I have made some changes to prevent this from happening again.

- Horizontal recoil no longer rotates your character. In order to do this you had to update the player's transform entirely. On low latency this can cause players to look like they are teleporting/glitching around. Instead, your bullets will land to the left and right of your crosshair in a predictable manner.
- Spray patterns. I am working on weapon-specific recoil patterns. Time will tell if this system is worthwhile, but it certainly feels like an improvement over the previous recoil system which was very difficult to predict. It looks cool in the visual debugger though.

- ADS is now completely optional. In order to use ADS you must opt into the system by telling the server what your FOV is with the /setDefaultFOV command. Upon using the command your FOV will be saved in a file on the hosts computer so it can be accessed even after they leave the server or the server restarts. If you do not set your FOV, the server will never try to change your FOV in any way, and you will not be able to use the ADS system.
- ADS now gives a significant buff to recoil. The cost is lowered movement speed.

I wrote a function that attempts to detect the client's FOV by waiting for their eyeVector to update before attempting to capture an FOV. On Tito's server it seemed to be detecting FOV's with 100% accuracy. I am going to leave it in the code when it's released. If you are intelligent enough to not break your server with garbage add-ons you could probably figure out how to enable it.
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nice job dude but can we have love ?

who the forget just leaked the rallypack source code on /v/... what the forget..

continue working on the weapon pack, its good to see that there may finally be a good weapon pack that compares to sweps

God damn, you ain't on stuff, why you so hyped?
God damn, I wonder why am I alive

God damn, you ain't on stuff, why you so hyped?
God damn, I wonder why am I alive