Author Topic: Give your honest opinion about the person above.  (Read 3074 times)

See what others honestly think about you. Pretty straightforward.

Obviously, I can't start because I'm the original poster, but I digress.
If you want to give your honest opinion on someone who isn't directly above you, then just mention their name in your reply somewhere. What else is stopping you, right?
For clarification before you ask who I am, I'm Dominoes, now known as criti. If nobody knows who you are based on your BLF alias, then feel free to mention that in your reply, too.

Go wild, folks!

youre cool, dunno you too well though.

im millionaire

jackhammer is... i dont know who you are.. but your hot dog profile pic is cool

This person is boring and posts that are stuff

whomstve the forget are you

i dont really know you but your profile is nice

You're my protagonist :)

change your jpeg upscaled-in-ms-paint profile picture you loving animal

cheese pizza is super mean!11!111 even though he helped me with eveting bricks one time...

tfw you get arrested for loveually harassing a minor even after you say "i only did it once"

pretty funny, glad he matured a little from early cheesepizza2. or, rather, i should call early cheese, "milkpizza2."