Author Topic: cant join mr. squidward's server  (Read 554 times)

so usually im ballin', having a good time, tryna find a server to find, and i see this dude's server and i think to myself, "holy stuff, i want to join that server, i wanna build something!" then i look over to the right and i see the ping is ---. naturally, im disappointed, and i assume its just gone down. then i see in the bottom corner of my screen that a friend has just started playing on the server. what the forget? its up all the time with --- ping, and everyone else can join but i cant? is this some new form of discrimination against me? im a swell guy, why would i be discriminated against? so over the past few days ive been looking at the server list, hoping that that damn ping is something other than those three god forsaken hyphens. im in quite the pickle, can someone help get me out?

tl;dr i cant join someones server because its ping is --- but everyone else can

same, maybe they not port forwarded?

now i just cant join the majority of the servers on the server list because of this issue

Same problem here, can't join any server that has --- as ping

Tried different networks, same result