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I have a small disagreements though.
>proceeds to post a response longer than fore mentioned response

Not trying to come at you or anything, just thought it was kinda funny

Both responses are pretty sound to me. I do truly hope that Comp can take the advice and better himself, for the good of his mental stability and for the sake of our blockland addictions. I believe in you comp, best of luck to you, ur a doodoo head for causing my key to get leaked <3

>proceeds to post a response longer than fore mentioned response
The small disagreement was the think twice thing. The rest of the post was explaining why I don't agree with it.

so is blockland support just done with

once again can i get hear why weathernerd banned me
i didnt know you wanted back into that furry hangout server

>proceeds to post a response longer than fore mentioned response
OT but
>using greentext

===post under this message if you love family rp===

I realize that this is over, but CompMix you need to really put your knowledge into something that's beneficial rather than harmful dude

OP should marry me.  :cookieMonster:

I was able to get my DMs with celau back. Unfortunately Discord makes it impossible to re-open closed DMs when a user removes you and you close the chat, so my bad for doing that. I wish to be as honest as possible here, so if anyone wants pictures of my chat with celau (I will probably blur his chat out though) you can either request what you want here on BLF or add me on Discord.

After reviewing chat, a revision to my original post I would make is that there *was* an agenda against Badspot from my end. I don't remember this being a major reason behind doing this, so I'm going to theorize a bit here and say that it was more power-tripping than anything. I genuinely did not want to hide anything here and I hope this post will prove that to you. Here is a snippet of chat to show you what I mean:

Your own thoughts and theories are welcome. In the past, I used to flaunt around my hacks and accomplishments to feel better about myself, and I knowing how much damage this would cause, I got excited thinking about the attention I would get maybe.

There's this about how I think it will impact Blockland:

And me trying to think of ways to get important people to join our servers so we could ultimately have a bigger impact when the time comes:

I also speculated about other things we could do with the exploit, like an eval backdoor or using a RAT against Cca to get his "special hack."

So, I want to make it clear why I'm doing this. It is ultimately 1. to completely expose my behavior to you guys, and 2. so I can not repeat this behavior ever again. By exposing this bad behavior that seems to come back time and time again, and fully facing the consequences and hearing what this community has to say about it, I will learn what to do to keep myself from going down this hole again. I don't want to be this person anymore, I made a resolution when I left rehab about a year ago that things would change and I violated my promise. So I'm fully prepared to face the consequences.

Some of my friends say that I'm beating myself up on purpose to get sympathy from others, or that there is some kind of ulterior motive by me making these posts, but if this is the case I can guarantee its subconscious and I want it to be exposed NOW. I could not be more genuine here when I say that I do not wish to hide anything, that I don't care about my reputation in this instance, and that I want to get help. Help isn't expected either, I expect there to be a lot of anger over this too, and nobody is obligated to talk to me ever again.