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For the Challenger, what is its brand going to be? Do we have a fictional Dodge, yet? I can do a quick logo design or something for one if needed.

For the Challenger, what is its brand going to be? Do we have a fictional Dodge, yet? I can do a quick logo design or something for one if needed.
The brand was initially going to be Bravado, a direct rip from GTA V's gauntlet, but the idea is that you would want to create original fictional brands.

With that said, I've worked with Filipe and CorporalB1rd to establish Brutalion - Brute Force, Mixed with Batallion

We've already agreed on B, and with that said:

There are no plans to make changes for the time being to this badge; it is mostly considered finalized.

Good news! The Brutalion Challenger has been released!
Check it out here!

I also updated the Reaper again and both repositories from BL Online and BL Glass have been updated! It should improve engine and tire-grip performance overall!

It's time to introduce some more features to the game, and bring you the Shinozaki Update!

We got a car meet going on here...and it looks like there's some new faces...
[Private WIP save by Corpora1Bird]

Introducing the Shinozaki (Nissan) Fairhaven and Hiro MK2! Which are based off the mid 2000's 350z, and 180/240sx, respectively. The MK2 is a remaster of the Beta version that is currently out, but hopefully by the time this MK2 update is ready for the public, it should be the official V1 of the car!

The Shinozaki badge has also been updated and looks much better! (Thanks to Corpora1 for the design)

And yes, the Popup headlamps still work ;)

I'm still trying to work out what variants I would like for both cars, but might have an idea:

  • For the Fairhaven, there may be 4, a normal, drift, and widebody variants of those 2
  • The Hiro MK2 might get a second variant for drifting, maybe another for rally? Who knows?

You may have also noticed that some of the previously-released cars are getting performance upgrades in terms of acceleration, speed, and grip. As Filipe and I have been developing new cars recently, we have been increasing these attributes due to the fact that Blockland maps are getting bigger than they have been back in the old days, and we've decided that with the new stretches of roads, we need MORE

I am slowly reworking the variables mentioned, and so far I've got the Reaper and Voltage up to speed (get it?).
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Ok, BIG UPDATE TIME. The Fairhaven has finally gotten all the CVS parts it needs, and also, two new variants!

Starting off with the Nismo kit, additionally you can apply colorable window decals with either white or black text (as demonstrated in the images below), and have the option to delete the badge and the plates on the car!

You cannot have a 350z in Blockland without replicating the Iconic Need For Speed 350z by Rachel Teller, or the Fast N Furious Tokyo drift! They are textured onto the car and the body is still colorable. Parts are known as "Speed" and "Fury", respectively

I also added parts for a rocket bunny, and the Liberty walk.

After this, I implemented a roadster variant! All the parts have been imported over from the default variant, but the difference here is that you can have a colortop (Orange), softtop (Blue), creamtop (Green), or open-top roof (Gray)!

Last but not least. Widebody variants! This variant is faster than the roadster and normal, and has its own exclusive engine sound. Some parts have been replaced, but you can now have defined fenders to swap out between default, tuner, and LM.

Exclusive to the Widebody is this race-track ready bodykit, LM!

I also slammed the Widebody between pictures, don't worry.. ;)

I just have to do a couple of finishing touches, and then the Fairhaven is ready!
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It's been a long academic week for me, but the Fairhaven is released!