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How can I choose which on of my bl_id's can I use from steam

How can I choose which blid I want from steam?


Are you a loving time traveler?  This argument against steam barely made sense in 2004.  Hell, my computer is 6 years old and I have 16 gigs of ram.  There's no way you're making this argument in good faith.  You're just being offended on behalf of other people that you're imagining.

I'm one of the people he's imagining. :(

Frequent name changing is a major source of friendry.

make it so that when you get 1000 robux you have the ability to change your name again

hey guys im from future.. blockland is going have another disaster again

I went through all the steps for forum e-mail recovery and it says it sent it successfully but the e-mail never appears in my inbox, not even spam.
Have tried it a few times the last couple months, same result.

a really good QOL improvement would be if the name was automatically synced up with your current steam name, regardless of if others currently share the name. it would really tie in the steam connection.

if worried about impersonation perhaps a button could be added to the player list to open their steam profile on the steam overlay ingame?

edit: i've also noticed a small inconsistency, on your profile it says your blockland id is 0 when it should be 1 - maybe a resync is in order
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