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Asiimov Draws Crap: The Thread

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This is where I Show off my art

Lately, i've been trying to improve my mouth designs, so here's a doodle of my Snow Leopard Character Kev!

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BandGang Kidalex:
stop drawing and give up on art

theres a lot of room for improvement, but its not awful. just have to practice facial proportions and depth

tail looks like its sprouting out of his mid back, so try to make it more vertical and less diagonal, or just put it lower. either way works.
the mouth seems to be a bit too high up as well.
the eyes should be moved to the right a bit, to make it look more like hes facing more in that direction rather than just a crooked mouth.
the torso seems really thin, so you should probably make it a little wider.
right arm is too upfront, needs to be put back a little, sorta like this:


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