Author Topic: 2020/05/29 - Blockland r2033  (Read 84316 times)

While this is partially true.
I want to point out many Linux distros also no-longer support 32-bit.

And as it seems that many major companies are pushing to leave x86 behind, it may actually be more important to see an Arm based Blockland build if anything.

But obviously since Blockland is so old, and runs on such an old game engine, I recognize this is not realistic.
Badspot only does small bugfixes for Blockland.
He's probably not going to improve much anymore.
Unless some rich people offer him lots of money he can't refuse.
Blockland could use some modernization: new engine, 64bit builds, ARM builds and more.

Blockland belongs more on (Good Old Games, than on Steam.
Being a good old game, an all-time classic, also being on would be a more suitable distribution platform for Blockland.
Hopefully Blockland can stay preserved, eventually ending up in internet archives.

Or somebody could buy the naming rights from Badspot and start working on Blockland 2.
(Or rename their spiritual successor project to Blockland 2.)

There is a spiritual successor to Blockland in development called Brickadia:

What you said is pretty much a pipe dream that I think a lot of people would like to see happen, but the chances of that happening is probably none sadly.