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Hey everyone! While on the topic of powersports, I have decided to bring out yet another surprise to the community! This Go-Kart is self explanatory based off the Vintage Manco American Express Go-Kart, and in-game can be found under "AE [Variant] Go Kart"! I spent all morning composing the model, and the afternoon just to polish up the drivability in-game! I'm quite proud of how it turned out so quickly!

Variants and Features

Default Variant

* Equipped with a Predator 212cc and Torque-Converter for Low-end acceleration, and high-end top speed.
Drift Variant

* Same stats as the Default, but included ability to slide!
* Same front tires as the default, but the rear tires have installed frictionless sleeves
* Handling behavior similar to the Default Drift Trike
Performance Variant

* Default Variant, but MUCH FASTER
* Engine used is based off the 10HP Tilitson 212cc Engine
* Said Tilitson 212 is equipped with a high-flow air filter and straight-pipe exhaust for maximum performance.

* Note: The blue and red on the Tilitson are not recolorable.
Additional Facts!

* Steering animation covers additionally the front spindles
* Front wheels on all variants are offset to match with the steering animation
* Capability to lean forward
* Hands-On Vehicle Support

Requires Blockland Glass to Stay Up to Date!

Download via Blockland Glass

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