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shut up and leave my thread

i think i remember someone making a thread about changed a long time ago (probably when it was released) but i couldn't find it

theres no looping love animation when you die in this game so its a no for me dog

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hey remember that one time I gifted u ahaha..... steets...... review that give me a positive review brohski......

cutting the bullstuff, this game is really good. you should stop reading this post and go buy it right now

if you've ever played games such as the binding of isaac, enter the gungeon, nuclear throne, or any one of those rogue-likes or rogue-lites or rogue-forgets or whatever the forget they're called that every twitch streamer has ever played (vinny please play this game already goddamnit) then chances are you'll probably like it. it's not your ordinary run of the mill get-a-really-cool-synergy-and-die-instantly-and-start-all-over-god-damnit roguelike. it's more like a top-down spelunky than anything if i had to explain it really stufftily

you play as a very poorly sprited guy of your choosing and you have to finesse your way through a really well-sprited city with one hell of a lighting engine. fr this game is pretty as hell for a game with such crusty character art lmao

how you actually GET from point a to point b is completely up to you, however. instead of the game explicitly telling you what you need to do and you being forced to go through with it, the game just says "do this idk lmao" and leaves you on your ass to strategize. and when i say "completely up to you" im not kidding, the possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to completing (or failing on purpose) the missions it throws at you. want to schutt everyone? go ahead. want to solid snake your way through there? go ahead. want to poison the entire building with cyanide gas so they all melt into sloppy puddles so you can just trudge through the now-empty building and retrieve what you needed with about as much effort as wiping your nose? go right ahead

and the game gives you one hell of a cast to do.. whatever you want. each character (erm, most. some are really standard) has their own set of rules and gimmicks that give you a specialized way of doing things and a playstyle more suited for the specific class you choose, but at the same time it's lenient enough to let you forget around in any way you want. for instance, you can play the thief, and gun down the entire police force single handedly. there's literally nothing stopping you from doing that if you wanted to.

like most roguelikes, however, once you die you're dead. forget you go back to the start. no continues.

in this game, however, it's hardly an issue because there's really nothing to lose by dying. unlike in the binding of isaac or (debatably) gungeon where you work your fat smelly sweaty ugly ass off to get one hell of a synergy of items that you can lose at any single moment (pain), in Steets all you're really gonna lose are, like, one or two items you really like that you can get back easily. it's nowhere near whatever forgeten level spelunky's on where death is basically inconsequential because you lose Literally nothing but it's still pretty good at keeping the salt levels down even if you suck rooster at the game

combine the amount of pure freedom the game gives you to the point of it basically being a roguelike sandbox game with a banger ass soundtrack, workshop support with mod tools so easy to use it literally only took me 1 day to learn how to make chunks, and the amount of stuff you're given to mess around with on your way to forgetville and you've got what i consider possibly the best roguelike game i've ever played. thanks frank for giving me it :D

only problem in the game though (besides how loving invisible the pressure plates are forget YOU) is the publisher. tinybuild. and if you know anything about them, you'll know they're too busy brown-nosing matpat and shilling their hello neighbor shirts, toys, action figures, plushies, blankets, car paintjobs, masks, full body cosplays, tattoos and carrots to actually do anything good so predictably the game is pretty unknown to the public. fr you should go play it, game really deserves more love

10/10, would read all these reviews again, the laughs I got from them are better than the games themselves.

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