Author Topic: Ten years today  (Read 1806 times)

back in my day when i accidentally banned my main account
the blo legend

July 2009 for my old forum acc:;u=19682;sa=showPosts

I prob came along two or three months before that.

Bought the game 'round early to mid 2011. Unsure on the exact date, though. Played the demo back in 2010.

I think I joined around 2012-2013.

my cousin showed me bl in like 2008-09, i was in kindergarten. jesus christ i feel old...

played the demo in 2009 and finally got the full game in 2010, during V16 iirc? First server was a city RPG, but it was boring so I joined a slopes TDM and had a blast. Was my first online game ever, and the experience of going from splitscreen co-op with my sis to online multiplayer was awesome.