Author Topic: what is the best game mode you have played but isin't hosted anymore  (Read 2683 times)

This is such a crazy coincidence. I was just going through old screenshots the other day. Seeing all those old servers people use to host made me sad. I could always post some screenshots here to freshen people's memories.

I remember these servers were some of my favorites:

Oholiba's Nuketown TDM
Sailorman's WWII Dogfight
LegoPepper's Dogfight
Legoboss' Survival Horror
Conan's Prison Break
Tezuni's Slopes CTF
Greek2me's Trench Wars
Any of Gravity Cat's servers - TDMs, Endless Zombies, and more
Barnabas' Bunker server - around 100 players at its peak, if I remember correctly.

I started playing this game when I was in middle school, either in 2012 or 2013. It was after the V21 update, I do know that. The first computer I used to play it on broke, and I think I lost everything on it. The next computer broke, but I was able to recover just about everything. I have a screenshot archive on a USB disk. The oldest ones there were taken in 2015, a year after I started going to high school. I may have some before 2015, but I'll have to search the depths of my laptops to find anything.