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Basalt delta is the volcano biome, and there are plenty of open spaces, idgi. Just kinda sounds like you're coming up with reasons to hate it on the spot because new bad

Nix having a brain aneurysm over some dark blue trees in an entirely red map

they coulda added a forgeten volcano or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning idk, maybe some actual open spaces, maybe some cool dark spots, but no here have terraria hallow in the middle of hell for no reason
bro the whole things a forgetin volcano take dip and see what i mean

NUH! NEW GOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!!!

NUH! NEW GOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!!!
This but unironically. New features and revamping/revisiting old mechanics and building on them is the best way to keep your game alive and interesting and this is a huge leap in the right direction, away from useless passive bear mobs. Leaving stuff to rot because "blrmnuburgghhh muh red nether" is pure idiocy, and all the Old Good morons are still drooling in 1.12 modded autism anyway.

NUH! NEW GOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maaaaan, I miss when the nether was 2 unique mobs, and 3 blocks.... bring back 1.2.6 nether!

Updates are always going to have positives or negatives. It's ok to either like or dislike them.

if anything the new structures are a nice example of how one can create some sophisticated dungeon generation, what with the diagonal bridges

what i would like is if the updates were more like modpacks and didnt revamp the game so significantly that mods cant be easily ported over


those blood trees are loving sick but those pusillanimous individual ass blue trees gotta go. sorry.

bruh do you really only one just red for the entire nether

Look at how they massacred my boy
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if your grievance with an entire 1.x update can be fixed by fiddling with the hue slider in a texture pack it might be just a little inane

the real issue isn't that they made it ugly but that they simply didn't fix the ugly