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will update if I actually go through with the surgery and on whether it worked or not

Did you not think to get it looked at sooner?


--- Quote from: Masterlegodude on June 23, 2020, 11:56:02 AM ---Did you not think to get it looked at sooner?

--- End quote ---
I had multiple doctors check up on it, each one said something different (they're actually listed in the comic in order) but the most recent doctor was the one I did the most extensive testing with (CAT scans and such) and also the symptoms he described are the closest to what I'm experiencing so I think he's the most likely to be right

of course there's the chance that he's wrong and the surgery won't help much, but in that case I'll just keep searching

i'm guessing itís federal because of the multiple polyps being involved

Nix the Glaceon:
pomp is suffering from ball fart


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