Author Topic: Friend just bought the game on Steam, not letting them type in name  (Read 627 times)

So they just bought the game, and it prompts them to type in a name. But whatever they put, it says 'Invalid Name.' Is this part of the security stopgap?

name changing is currently disabled
i'm curious what his name is, is it his steam name? or is it a blockhead name?

here's some of the relevant update bits on name changing
Blockland r2023
  • Multiple BLIDs can be linked to one Steam account.
  • You can no longer change your username.  One BLID = one name.
  • Everyone with the default "Blockhead" name has had their name cleared and will be able to set a new name when they log in.

There are many code changes involved here so if you see any bugs with names, joining, hosting, etc, don't hesitate to report them.


You'll also need to log in to your BLID on the client at least once to set the username. 
it sounds like there's one initial name change (?)


Frequent name changing is a major source of friendry.

so unlikely name changing is coming back, at least in the way it used to be

It's not a name change, it's asking for them to put their first permanent username in to use.

what are the names theyre putting in? theyre probably just taken

They've been everything from 'malk' to the Steam ID number they were given, which is as random as it gets.

can you provide screenshots?
A console.log would speak louder than a screenshot

Send it our way OP, I'll see what I can differ from it