Author Topic: An opinion on an old rule: No advertising other forums  (Read 597 times)

I always figured this rule kinda faded when RTB became popular, because at that time a lot of add-ons were being hosted on the RTB website or posted to the RTB forums and eventually there was even a subcategory here on the BL forums for those add-ons which linked directly to the RTB website. Understandably, those add-ons went through an approval process (questionable) before they were publicly available, but mainly I think at the time Blockland was popular enough and in active development to where advertising other forums and such was frowned upon because of ad revenue. nowadays if you're smart you'll be using ublock origin to block that bullstuff. Of course I keep ublock disabled for because I have respect for the game and ad-bot really isn't that bothersome. Interestingly enough I can't recall anytime a user has posted a legitimate forum topic link to another website with an add-on and was actually perma-banned for it. my own forum started out as a blockland-inspired forum many years ago but sorta evolved over time as a general gaming and entertainment forum i suppose - we still post things from time to time, mostly music now since flash games died

probably should update it again sometime and shoutout to mega bear who's been a trusty moderator for years lol
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