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The goose has joined the Blockland bandwagon

Here are some interesting geese.

Sometimes I feel like we need a little variety:


Here are some weird geese. Enjoy

Some love for the Canadian geese. Overrated but sometimes they deserve it/

Some love for this forgeter

Many thanks for yesterdays postings geese gang (gang)

Todays theme is top 10 5 geese takedowns

Here we have a horde of geese attack and pull a woman out of a car. Its impressive that they coordinated, but realistically she never had a chance.

Next up, its kind of blurry but it is clear to see, we have a attempted goose mugging. The goose has the purse and is attacking the human, and it looks like the goose will win.

Number 3 is a textbook goose drive by. Runners/joggers/anyone who is moving but not in car are easy targets, as the goose can attack unexpectedly with force, while you are moving, causing even more force.

Next we have one of the most brutal takedown on this list, a goose carry takedown. Once you are off the ground, thats it. The goose has already won and everything at this point is going to be painful.

Next we have a classic goose water attack. The rarity of the picture however is that these are baby geese. Gotta train them while theyre young i guess.

Contribute to the thread if prompted, but dont try to force geese thread posts. Let them come to you.
Thank you coming to the blockland forums geese thread. All geese. All the time.

Anyone else noticing geese becoming popular? Like outside the BLF. I keep seeing people admire geese on reddit and IRL much more than I did two years ago. Geese are on the comeback.