Author Topic: things you regret doing on blockland  (Read 11829 times)

surely we've all done stuff we regret now but didn't think about back then on blockland

I built Super Mario 64 in Blockland about 3 times, then lost all the saves on my old computer.

not learning how to build because i realize now that it's fun as forget and I cant even build a simple drinks bar

probably everything i did under the name raccooneer1214 on the forums.

buying for multiplayer

installing blockland

i forgot to grab my saves folder when trying to reinstall the game at some point urh

i said blo[dy cum my tirn up bonr instead of bloody cummy torn up boner, how can i have such bad spelling :(

not making any of my gamemode ideas (i mean there's still time but eh)

having cool gamemode ideas but not even putting them into use

we need some kinda blockland idea/work pipeline for people who don't have any/all of the necessary skills to make a gamemode

forget it imma make one gimme a couple days to thinkeroo

I thought id never play again in 2016 and deleted everything

arguing so hard against static maps

not arguing against static maps

not saving the bricks on past blockparty servers

Not saving anything Scattered Space related