Author Topic: things you regret doing on blockland  (Read 6575 times)

Giving Badspot not only one game purchase, but two. forget that guy.
I said, forget THAT GUY...

getting my key at age 10
making several stuffty builds and then passing them off like some magnum opus tier stuff (e.g. my "airplanes" and my jail escapes and that one spongebob deathmatch where i just fillcanned all of afghan dm into yellow). i am still bad at actually designing anything in blockland to this day

also making forum threads for above things, generally taking them super seriously and being utterly incapable of accepting any criticism/jokes
also just generally being annoying and unfunny which led to at least one server ban
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i stuff my pants at a very young age

everything absolutely EVERYTHING


yer mom haha  :cookieMonster: goteem