Author Topic: things you regret doing on blockland  (Read 8150 times)

Building all these huge builds all in singleplayer and never hosting a server with them is a big one

also playing those mining servers where you click a square cube for hours on end

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I always failed to understand why those servers were active

Killing myself over $500

not keeping all of my saves. i have some but not all of them.

I have hundreds of unfinished large-scale projects that I never completed because I always felt incompetent of doing things on my own.
And when anybody would join or ask me about a project I was working on, I would feel like I'm not working hard/fast enough so I would work both harder and faster and burn out so loving fast.

I'm doing better now but I still can't shake it off entirely.

everything i did on my previous forum account 'the legend of derpa' back when i was in like forgetin middle school

I falsely banned someone back in like 2012-2013 on my server. I apologized to him somewhere on the forums in 2017 but never heard if I was forgiven. Now I live in purgatory, constantly thinking about it.

Crashed a server in 2012
Stole Glass's key in 2017

i never finished the jungle dungeon for pirate rpg  :panda:

literally almost everything. i was a young one back then and i regret acting like i was hip and cool only to find out that everyone hated me

i also kind of regret being a prick back in 2016 under the name Mr. Wiskers