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Author Topic: is crowns jailbreak lame  (Read 440 times)

jailbreak is just be submissive: the game

Does he even host anymore
his key was in the leak and also got linked before the steam linking freeze so he cant host even if he wanted to
a few people have hosted his server with the proper add-ons, just ask apak (if you even have any connection to him, he's been gone for a while) or fastmapler to host or if they could possibly give the addons to you.

I mean the server was fun the first couple of times but after a while it gets boring, along with some hypocritical staff members who make futile attempts to make the server less toxic but endorse that kind of behavior on the server regularly (and as cheesepizza said, create double standards). I can understand both sides when it comes to whether you like or hate the server; especially with the overly dramatized playtime restrictions when it comes to playing guards, then after a while you just end up with like 2 guards and 20 prisoners. Most people on blockland genuinely enjoy playing servers that you can just hop in and understand how to play, which is why servers like roleplays and in this case; jailbreak are disliked. No one wants to head to their website and read a whole school essay on the do's and don'ts of the server.

If you like the server, that's fine, really. No one is stopping you from doing so but don't get triggered if someone dislikes it. It's really not a surprise for servers like it to be heavily despised among the community.
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If you're not getting ass blasted for being ugly, it can be fun.

do people still use this game to build things

do people still use this game to build things
yes, check servers often and you'll see freebuilds open almost every day

getting killed for not being a 500IQ genius and then waiting 500 years for a new round to start where you get killed in the first 3 seconds and then watch other people play minigames was pretty lame at the time but stuff it was lowkey addictive

If your gamemode is 1-life it's unapologetic dogstuff

posting in this thread is ar