Author Topic: [Video] Jump in the Caac Meme in Blockland  (Read 526 times)

YouTube's recommending algorithm is weird at times, somehow an animated Alduin and Bueno Mars is enough to be recommended to me.
Apparently the title format is I learned [talent here] to [do something about the original video] which is how this silly video came to be.

The original video:
Audio Used:
No girl bots were harmed or filmbots were used in the making of this video, wow funny joke haha

This is pretty damn good, got me chuckling.
One recommendation is to use this addon to completely hide your hud even when using items, and it gives you the ability to drop your camera anywhere and lock it in place.

Might I suggest watching the original video, notice the low effort put into it.  I put low effort by including continuity errors and every so often have the hud visible.

damn you just outplayed me

Sorenova videos are perfect and this is amazing

son really said giiiirrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllll and then literally collapsed out of existence