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Ze Operator (Host)
Carbon Zypher

Moderation Staff
Barry Penrose

Working Staff
DragonoidSlayer (Construction)
Gumba Johnny (Weapon Modeling)


Current Progression
Alpha, 40.3% Complete

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The year is 2021. 21 years ago, a massive wavelength known only as the Alyx Wave turned 8% of the world's population into superhumans, forcing the world to adapt, creating the 5 Gaian Physic Laws of Reality, the classifications that defined the superhumans, and the A-7 Council of Superhuman Affairs that policed them.

17 years later, after the events of what became known as the Chrinistar Timestop, humans and superhumans are on the precipice of a civil war, with local gangs of superhumans and law enforcement tearing society at the seams.

This is Ze Operator's story. This is his world.
Your choices can affect the outcome of what comes next.

General Information
Q: What exactly is this?
A: This is an RPG/DM style combat game with the emphasis on local communication, exploration, and progression. While it takes conventional RPG mechanics, this game also turns said concepts on its head with a Karma System and emphasis on fighting back.
This game is being developed by Carbon Zypher and I, and is a labor of love on my part.

Q: What inspired this?
A: I wanted to write a story that followed four of the following inspirations.
1.) That it would be a story that was not written by DC or Marvel.
2.) That it mixed magic and technology the correct way in the sense that it doesn't feel janky or uncomfortable.
3.) That the story was open-ended enough that it had its own plot, but had a decent amount of bendable rules that allowed people to create their own stories based off said rules.
4.) It would allow my own Alter-Ego to become its own reality.

Q: Is this game finished?
A: The game is currently 40% through its Semi-Open Alpha-testing stage, where features are tested on an open-ended DM map. Occasionally I may decide to open the server to the public to test any "major" features should the need arise, but later phases will be open to the public.

Q: What will gameplay be like?
A: Gameplay will be split based on whether you choose to play as a human or superhuman. If you choose to be a human, you will have the opportunity to use conventional weapons but will struggle against stronger opponents. Should you choose to play as a superhuman, you'll be able to not need weapons, and use powers, shifting LV, and be stronger than others, but will struggle to be able to hide when you need to.
You will also be able to play on the authority side, made to police both sides, or even form your own gangs to cause mayhem of your own. There will also be a Karma and Bounty system that will allow you to be as notorious as you'd like. Rob a bank, save the local populace, the opportunity is yours!

Q: Are there weapons?
A: Yes.

Q: Will this be PvP or PvE?
A: It will be a mix of both. You will have a mix of enemies during certain points in the day while still having to deal with rogue players at other points. While there will be areas of safety, it will be crucial to stay vigilant at all times, as you will never know who may be after you.
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impetus more like imsnake

dont know what to say here

This is awesome. I love particle powers. You make me want to play Blockland again.

This looks like it as a lot of potential. The previews also look very clean and professional. Great job so far!

finally something that's not stuffty ass BCS sports

would appreciate if you made this open source so other people can do things with the work you've already done

would appreciate if you made this open source so other people can do things with the work you've already done

In a few weeks or so, I intend to release two public powers for users to try out, which will be included in the final game.

If enough people enjoy what Iím making, Iíll create a GitHub for anyone to take a look at.