Author Topic: what's the biggest L you've taken in your gaming history  (Read 3552 times)

i once fell for the "i accidentally reported u for duped items :/" scam and me and my friend (who was online talking through discord) frantically explained to my grandma why we desperately needed the credit card number at like midnight (this was when i still used hers to buy stuff lol)

still have bad dreams about how loving terribly that could've gone

In the year 2006 I was scammed out of my green h'ween mask on Runescape by a user named Ghettobird24. He convinced me the gnome scarf is worth more. Today the green h'ween mask is worth almost 800m. forget you Ghettobird24.
loving sharks man

Ruining my mom's main WoW character.

Dunno about all time but the other day I killed a guy in the middle of a teammates execution in MW and had to kill myself in shame

when i was like 15 i fell for one of those scams on youtube where you give someone your steam password and they "hack" whatever game you wanted in your library. yeah the guy changed my account email and password but luckily he didn't do jack stuff with it because I barely had any games. luckily though i went to steam support and one of the account recovery options was to prove that I owned the account by providing a steam key for a game I have in my library and i just so happened to have my steam key for portal 2 I got for my ps3 copy and got my account back.

pre-ordering BRINK and COD:Ghosts

cried cus I kept getting trolled on a fortwars blockland server when I was like 11

buying shark cards on gta online back in 2017.

cried cus I kept getting trolled on a fortwars blockland server when I was like 11
i remember crying in some like space ship gamemode on roblox when i was 10 cause this dude was making fun of me relentlessly

one time when i was 7 i broke one of my grandpa's antiques because i got mad at a roblox obby

prob not the biggest but my parents bought me and my brother two copies of lego universe (if anyone even remembers it), i forgot about it and put it on the shelf for two years, then when i refound it and actually wanted to play it, the online servers were shut down. just two years. dunno if it was even a good game though