Author Topic: Your opinion on overrated Films, is it a fair critique?  (Read 218 times)

Is it fair to critique a film on being overrated? Does it even count as criticism towards the film, or should it be said towards audience members.
What about the cinematography, acting, tone, writing, directing, etc.
I think saying a film is bad because "I didn't like it" or "its overrated" is a surface-level observation and how can anyone take your opinion on art seriously. Yet, what you like is subjective, but not qualities and techniques of visual storytelling. What you feel is your own experience and I challenge you to ask yourself "What did I like and dislike" instead of falling asleep or checking out in the first 30 minutes. If the aspects of the film you are watching is mediocre, poorly written, and overall lazy. Falling asleep is to be expected...
Films are about experiencing emotions and visual storytelling, even if the films are depressing and anxious. This is merely a question we all need to ask ourselves.

Films and games among other media can gain a snowball effect of positive reviews.

"It's overated." Is less of a critique, and more of an opening statement. If it isn't expanded on further, than it's just an expression of dissapointment.

When something in media starts getting insanely positive reviews the hype usually feels better than watching the film or playing the game.

The Joker was definetly like this. It was okay. But it wasn't the second coming of Christ. This is a good example of overrated. The last scene gained this notoriety. But the rest of the film moves so slow, and so quiet, it's easy to get bored unless you're one of those artsy types.

For critics, it makes sense why it resonated. For general audiences, eh, it's okay.

I feel like you already alluded to the answer in your post, "overrated" and "underrated" are critiques of how art the art has been received, not the art itself. it's a really boring and lazy critique, dissent in art has always been the norm so why even bother bringing it up? qualifying one's opinion in contrast to the masses doesn't say much about the art itself. it's a bromide

easy to get bored unless you're one of those artsy types.

That’s what I’ve heard from all my friends. I’m kind of a film buff so I thoroughly loved it, but I can tell if that’s not really what the viewer is interested in, it could get pretty mundane